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Leslie Sansone: Walk Off Fat Fast

April 17, 2016 - Comment
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FashionQueen86 says:

Good For Beginners **DVD Menu** 

serenity says:

A Great Walking Workout! What an awesome DVD! I pre-ordered this DVD because I have used other Leslie Sansone programs in the past, and really enjoy her walking programs. I just received my DVD today, and did the 20 minute walk this evening. Leslie Sansone is so upbeat ! I love her attitude! And she gives clear instructions in advance, so it is easy to follow along with. Though I have gotten out of shape, I found that I was able to keep up and I worked up a sweat doing the walk. The time passed so quickly, I…

Daisy says:

You Get Out What You Put In… 117 – 198 – 258 … calories I burned with each workout (as per my heart rate monitor). This is comparable to riding my stationary bike at a constant moderate speed (14-15 mph or 22-24 km/ph) for the same amount of time (I’m 56 y.o. and 158 Lb / 72 Kg). I think Leslie’s DVDs are getting better and better and I love this one. Upbeat music, good variety and even an 80 year old lady participating in the first workout. Some reviewers are of the opinion that they did not break a sweat, but it all…

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