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Beginner Full Body Workout – 30 Minute Fitness Training Video

June 11, 2017 - Comment
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baughman says:

This is a great video however This is a great video however, I would not consider it to be for beginners. I am a runner and I ran until I was 5 months pregnant. My child is now 3 months old and I am back to running 3 miles at 10 minute miles and doing weight training on off days. This video kicked my butt and made me a little frustrated…definitely would not consider it beginners.

Bernadette says:

This is an excellent beginner workout that includes modifications for almost every exercise Just getting back into exercising. This is an excellent beginner workout that includes modifications for almost every exercise. It is challenging but doable. It helps to see the count down and know that soon you will be moving on to a new exercise. It begins with a good warm up, followed by exercises that work the whole body and a cool down stretch.

A reader in San Francisco says:

Great interval workout, clearly presented, with very efficient use of time This workout takes an interval training approach with 30-60 second exercises. I feel the positive effects of the workout and appreciate how the exercises are presented clearly and efficiently. The program is free of chit chat and the rah rah approach that so many exercise programs have, and thanks to that, and the interval trainig approach, I find repeating it much more pleasurable than I do many other programs. I like the other Lumowell programs in this series for the same reasons.

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