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Yoga for Obesity and Weight Loss

April 17, 2016 - Comment
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Daniel says:

False advertising Given the title, you would think the workout would be tailored to overweight people. But there are no modifications given, no real help whatsoever, only the typical skinny person doing yoga and expecting everyone to be able to do it the same way.

Amazon Customer says:

weirdest yoga video ever This is an advanced yoga work out. You need to be an expert with poses and flexible like gumby to get through it. There are no explanations on how to do the poses just a weird video with chimes telling you when to change poses. I only picked it because it was free. I will not be rewatching this one.

zeepee says:

Great practice video This is not an instructional video. It’s a yoga practice video. I learned the correct position, breath, and therapeutic value from Yoga: Mind Body Connection but I couldn’t use that video to practice yoga. There was too much talking. I also had a hard time counting the second/minutes in each pose. This video has chimes when it’s time to advance to the next pose and the poses are said to aid the body’s weightloss mechanisms (i.e., organs) which is explained in detail Yoga: Mind Body…

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